the fuck. the coens actually followed the book though

me: the coen bros actually followed the book and jeff bridges and hailee steinfeld were fantastic

dad: but john wayne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not ALL men!!!!

not ALL white people!!!!

ok chill i get it ur a special snowflake who has never ever done anything mean or rude in your whole life ever

when people say the first film version of true grit is better just because it has john wayne

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the first and only time i ever wore a headset and spoke to strangers while playing video games was when i was in middle school and had just started playing halo

i was playing with my mom in the room and when i started getting asked if i was hot and why was i playing video games and why i was such a fucking cunt for asking them to stop talking to me like that, my mom told me i wasn’t allowed to play online anymore

Is That Another Earthquake or Is My Neighbor Just Doing Laundry? a memoir


The public throng to see her live.

it’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for!!!!


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My political philosophy professor is a liberal God bless

why is there only one new pic of mark ruffalo in age of ultron

my friends call me peebs. my enemies also call me peebs.